Miscellaneous components

There's more to a whirlpool or spa than pumps and electronics. There are in fact many other components. For example:

Overflow/drain with or without drain spigots for draining the air system and integrated water inlet in the handle.

Water and air massage nozzles

Most visible components are available in chrome-plated brass, polished brass or white - og chrome-plated plastic.

 Automatic water filling:

 17623020          Level Panel 230. For two sensors

20401310          Level sensor for spa, complete

20401910          Level sensor for equalizer tank

 Dry run protection:

 Detects whether there is water in the tub. Mounted on the outside of the tub.

17600020          Dry run protection 5 - 25V

 Heat sensor:

 17600520          Heat sensor 1/4"