Scandi blowers

We manufacture and test our own single-phase air blowers. All our air blowers can be supplied with sound absorbers, which ensure that they give a silent and yet strong massage effect. In addition to our own air blowers, we can supply more or less all other makes.

Our single-phase air blowers are supplied with thermal protection. Sound absorbers has to be ordered separately.

20420221          Blower 0,77 kW, 230V~ 50Hz, connections: Ø40 mm bonded unions

20420421          Blower 1,20 kW, 230V~ 50Hz, connection: Ø40 mm bonded union

38800221          Side channel blower 1,30 kW, 3N~400V / 3~230V 50Hz, connection: 2"

38800321          Side channel blower 0,90 kW, 3N~400V / 3~230V 50Hz, connection: 1½"

Accessories for blowers:

20450421          Sound absorber for blower 0,77 kW

58250410          Filter foam for sound absorber incl. discs (not shown)

20450121          Filter for blower 0,77 kW complete (not shown)

20450221          Sound absorber for blower 1,20 kW

20450621          Sound absorber for side channel blower (not shown)

If you are interested in other makes, please contact us for further details.